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What Does a Board Do???

It can be overwhelming to consider joining a board when you don't understand what it is or what they do. At our core, we are a group of people sharing ideas and getting people together and involved in the community. Our board is about 10 people that get together once a month to plan activities, fundraisers, volunteer events, holiday events, and a lot more. We have two Treasurers that ensure our money is accounted for and spent on various local charities and membership events. Our Event chair works hard to come up with new and creative ideas for membership events and community outreach volunteer opportunities. In the past we have had the pleasure to volunteer with Crossfire Ministries and Kids Against Hunger. We have enjoyed fun events like soap making, our St. Patrick's Day parade event, and many others. Our Secretary is responsible for recording all the meeting minutes and emailing finalized copies to the board monthly, collecting the mail from our mailbox, and writing our monthly newsletter. The Scholarship position is responsible for our application process from start to finish. This person will need to create a committee to assist them in reviewing the application for needed updates, scoring and ranking applications once submitted, and then planning the event to hand out the scholarships. Our Thrift Shop Liaison plays a huge role in bridging the gap between our board and our thrift shop staff and volunteers. The liaison volunteers in the shop and has a good working knowledge of the shop and listens to the needs of the shop and relays those needs to the board. Our thrift shop is our main source of funding for our scholarships we hand out annually and other charitable giving throughout our year. Marketing/Social Media is responsible for all the amazing things you see here. Our eye catching flyers that find their way to Facebook and our website are all created by this chair position. We can have all the amazing ideas we want, but we need this chair position to creatively put them into images that inspire others to join us and participate.

The only requirement to join our board is a passion to connect with others in a positive way and build a community that fosters love and support. Our club exists because it's hard to move around and figure how to find new friends all the time. We create events that speak to all kinds of groups. Coffee group and lunch bunch are kid friendly, book club meets in the evening and is a kid free event, and our parade event was family friendly. We are always looking to add more mini clubs as members have interests in other activities like crochet, movies, wine, hiking, etc.

It's definitely hard to express in words all that we do, but if you have attended any of our events, visited our thrift shop, or bought from any of our fundraisers, you have seen the work and dedication of our board members. Moving season is upon us and many of our members are moving on. As sad as this is, it provides an opportunity for new members to step up and bring their own life experiences, previous club activities, and creativity to our board. Feel free to reach out through email with any questions at or plan to join us at LunchBunch on April 24, 2019 at the Peterson Club, Colorado Pizza and Sports Grill at 11:30am. Board members will be there to discuss their positions and eat delicious food. Kids welcome!

Looking forward to another amazing year of new friendships, community outreach, and fun!!

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