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Outgoing People Needed

When looking at the time I've invested in the military, it's not putting on the uniform but standing beside it. Being a bit of an unsung hero behind the scenes making sure people have the opportunity to connect with each other, have a shoulder when spouses deploy, the community has fun free events to celebrate with their family, and to help students and dependents pursue their education goals. The PSC Spouses Club has given me amazing opportunities, so many of my best friends, and a sense of purpose when I felt lost in the shuffle of moving.

As any military spouse can attest, moving and change are often thrust upon us when we least expect it or want it. The board is in need of filling most of the positions on the board as we are seeing many of our current board members taking the next step on their military journey. We are looking for anyone willing to help carry on the traditions and make their mark on the club as well. You can be seasoned to board positions or completely new, all are welcome and appreciated.

Questions? Concerns? Please reach out to us at

We can't wait to meet you and get you started on the right foot for next year!

Click HERE for current open positions and application

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