It's Scholarship Season!!

We made it through the holidays and now we enter Scholarship Season!! For those of us with High School Seniors, this is a busy time trying to solidify those ever important college plans and deciding how to pay for that education. Applying for scholarships isn't just about getting help to pay for college. It's an opportunity to think about who you are, what motivates you, what your passion is, and set education and life goals.

Our Scholarships aren't limited to high school seniors, Spouses also have the opportunity to receive help to further their education. Maybe you just got your kids into school full time and want to focus on something for yourself now. We're here to help with that! All of the details about qualifying programs can be found in the criteria and guidelines.

All of the important information can be found here

Presidents Note

To meet new people, to make best friends and to always have someone there when you're in a new place far from home. Join us in our adventure we call PSC!

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