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Holiday Shopping Starts Tomorrow!

I know it's early... Spooktober just started...let's enjoy goblins ghouls and ghosts first but....

Holiday Greenery is special and needs time to be properly grown, collected, and crafted into beautiful gifts. We start taking orders in October so we can submit them to Sherwood Forest at the beginning of November so you can enjoy your greenery for the entire holiday season. It is tasking, we know, to think about Christmas in October but we make it easy! You can find us in person outside the Peterson Commissary on Saturday October 5th from 10am-2pm or Sunday October 27th from 10am-2pm. Can't make it to see us, that's ok!! You can shop online too! Aren't local? That's ok too!! We have Local and Direct shipping options! The link to shop online can be found here:

What is this fundraiser for??? Glad you asked! PSC does several fundraisers a year that benefit members, community outreach, and scholarships. Our Holiday Greenery fundraiser benefits our members directly. We use these funds to bolster our membership account to sustain our several mini clubs, catered holiday dinners, and other membership events. We strive to bring people together to forge friendships and get involved in our community.

From all of us involved in the PSC Spouses Club, we Thank You for your support!

Happy Holidays!!

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