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Celebrating Scholarships!

There are so many amazing things we do each year and our annual scholarship awards is the top of the top. It's when we get to take a moment to get to know spouses and dependents on a personal level. We found out who they are, where they are going, and what they want to study. There are plenty of scholarships out there, but these applicants took the time to read all the criteria and submit amazing essays. There is something inspiring when you meet these young individuals on the cusp of adulthood making huge decisions about majors and moving away from all they know. The inspiration doesn't stop there, we have spouses that are stepping up and taking advantage of scholarships to further their education. It's a path many of us walk, finding employment as a military spouse can be daunting and sometimes you have to expand your skills. Hats off to all of you! From the freshly graduating seniors to the courages spouses getting back into school!!

A very special thank you to Alicia Pepper who lead an amazing Scholarship Committee. It was an amazing year and you really overhauled your position. So many wonderful memories this year, but I think eating the cake from the box will always be my favorite!! Safe travels as you head on to your next adventure.

Our scholarships would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers that show up everyday and work tirelessly to sort and tag donations, process consigners goods, tidy the store, and talk to every customer that comes in. They are the face of our club and work hard to make the thrift shop a place where people want to donate, want to consign, and most importantly want to spend their money. I love knowing that items I donate and items I buy all generate money that stays in my community and I get to support fellow spouses and dependents of those serving our country.

Congratulations again to our outstanding recipients!!!

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