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Board Members Needed!

As summer rolls in we find ourselves saying a tearful good bye to more board members than usual as orders have rolled in more frequently in the aftermath of 2020. We know is scary to put yourself out there and maybe you have never volunteered on a board before. That's ok, we are here to show you how fun and rewarding it can be to hold a position on our board and give back to the military community. We are far more than chatty ladies group. We are a diverse group of spouses that come together to host fundraisers, run a thrift shop, hand out education scholarships, hold annual egg hunts, painting events, recipe club, book club, and so so so much more. We are a place to forge new friendships and get out of your comfort zone. The many events we hold throughout the year couldn't exist without the help of our volunteer board that meets once a month to bring new ideas to the table.

Have more questions? Ready to sign up?? Click HERE to find the full list of open positions and join the board today! Voted Positions are open for applications until May 16. The new board will take over at our June 9th meeting.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2021-2022 PSC year!

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