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A Grant and a Food Pantry

It started with a simple letter. A letter that didn't take too much time. A letter that simply stated, we want to help our community. The Airman's Attic sees about 400 families a month. From new incoming families needing help while they wait for household goods, to the new mom who didn't realize her baby would need to wear newborn clothes longer than most, to single airman in the dorms who just don't want to eat ramen every day. The Attic had a vision to add a food pantry and we were more than on board to get it done. The Spouses club received a grant from Tierra Vista Communities and the rest is history. We had the absolute pleasure to plan not one, but two $1000.00 shopping trips to stock the food pantry. It's an incredible sight to see what that kind of money can buy! We enjoyed every minute of planning, counting, unloading, bagging/boxing. loading into cars, and unloading one last time into the attic. I could write forever about how overwhelmingly joyful it is to be a part of this group and how much I enjoy it all but instead... Go get those cookies we stocked in the food pantry because they'll go fast!! :)

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